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Thank you for taking the time to read my statements on different Allen related topics.


This page will be updated as new public information becomes available. 


Also, topics will be added as a result of in-person, phone and email interactions with Allen citizens.


Downtown Development


Regarding the Texas Scorecard article from July 2019


     The land owner’s request to invest in and develop the historic downtown area near Highway 75 and the Post Office showed how citizen input can influence development near homes. The almost four month process allowed City Staff, land owners, businesses and surrounding residents the opportunity to describe what they believe is good for the area. This process resulted in a dedicated committee focused on bringing all sides to the discussion and will ultimately benefit everyone. Citizen’s comments were heard, recorded and preserved so it is not accurate to say they were ignored. 


     Planning and Zoning Commissioners rely on the technical acumen of professionals regarding overall development taking into account all aspects of progress and not just the subject property. In the end, the process worked as prescribed and is continuing to bear insightful conversations and input from businesses, citizens and land owners.


     The downtown area needs to be developed the right way to allow business and residents to enjoy the surroundings. Thoughtful design and attraction of the types of retail, work and live elements will make the hub of the city vibrant. 


     This development reminds me of the Allen ISD Service Center project on Watters Road. My family purchased our current home in 2012 but not before I did some research. The Service Center was yet to be built less than a half mile away. I phoned the AISD Public Information Office and questioned the fuel tanks, emergency notification process, traffic pattern and flow. After a lengthy conversation I was satisfied that AISD along with the City Staff had done a tremendous job of making certain safety was paramount. The trust I have in the certified, educated and credentialed professionals who make the tough decisions and guide citizens has increased since then. 


Planning and Zoning Time as Volunteer


     My six reappointments to the Planning and Zoning Commission are highlights of my personal integrity. I’m one of seven votes and each commissioner brings their own experience, perspective and insight. We all receive the same information and can ask any question through Staff at our own time. Each commissioner has a direct line to all the same resources of which City Staff is prompt to reply with information and reference sections of the development code. The legal standpoint is coordinated with the City Attorney. Commissioners are encouraged to contact Staff directly with questions on the upcoming agenda which they may elect to include as part of the presentation.


     Meetings and workshops are held according to the Texas Open Meetings Act. Violations are met with misdemeanor charges. These charges could lead to fines and jail time or both. 


     Six different City Councils reappointed me to the Commission after interviews, reviewing my attendance record and applicable personal/professional experience. At the most recent interview, the Nominating Committee comprised of Councilmen Meis, Brooks and Clemencich, elevated my name for reappointment to the current City Council. I was reappointed following a 7-0 vote and the motion carried.


My Code of Ethics

     I work with business owners as potential borrowers on real estate and machinery or equipment. The purchase sale agreement is executed between the buyer and seller. My interaction is with my customer to determine overall purchase or project compliance. In the event of creditworthiness, my employer approves the loan for the business entities to acquire previously agreed upon terms for assets. Oftentimes, property is titled in the owner’s name and they are now ready to construct a building to provide goods or services.


     I do not and will not accept gifts originating from a business or individual representing a business according to my moral code, employment code of conduct which also aligns with the rules for continual volunteer activities on Planning and Zoning.


In closing,


The last thing I want to do is damage my integrity or break the oath I swore to before the City Secretary when appointed and reappointed. 


I enthusiastically signed the Code of Fair Campaign Practices and will abide by the seven items listed. Especially, number five which states…will not undertake or condone any dishonest or unethical practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our system of free elections…that is my pledge to Allen citizens.



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